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Watch out for a "Freedom & Democracy" march,
London, 23 April 2000

New Alliance and Save Our Sovereignty are promoting this event:

National publicity was won on 9 May with the "Save The Pound" march. Prominent speakers appearing included:

David Baxter - 'independence' campaign in Guernsey
Nigel Farage - Chairman, UK Independence Party
Marc Glendening - organiser, Democracy Movement
Lindsay Jenkins - economist and author
Michael Shrimpton QC - barrister & writer on 'Corpus Juris'
Sir Teddy Taylor MP - former Minister

Public Meeting: 28 October 1999, 7:30 pm, The Maltings, Farnham, Surrey

"Take Care of Your Pound and British Democracy"

No To Euro Logo A cross-party meeting - speakers:

Lord Shore of Stepney
John Bercow MP
Dr Martin Holmes, economist
Marc Glendening, Democracy Movement
Baroness Nicholson, Liberal Democrats

Admission free - all welcome

New Alliance and CIB West London organised a joint training session for activists

Target BulletMeeting - London 16th Nov 1997

Click Here To See Text Of The Seminar

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SAEs and donations welcomed -

Contact us - PO Box 13199, LONDON SW6 6ZU

Over fifty members of the local anti-federalist organisations attended a seminar on how to campaign against the Single Currency. Dr John Whittaker of Lancaster University covered the economic background and Douglas Ellison the practical campaigning issues.

A Handout summarising how to rebut the federalist arguments is now available Send SAE to above address otherwise you may download from this site.

Target BulletMeeting - London 4th October 1997

New Alliance Forum II

Unity was in the air when over 400 delegates from all Euro-realist groups attended the one day conference

Conference was addressed by distinguished speakers from home and abroad representing every major group opposing Euro-Federalism

These were

In Conclusion

David Soutter drew on three common themes:

Finally, drawing on Sir James Goldsmith's slogan, he demanded "LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE"



More New Alliance Talks may be held after the June 1999 Elections, but check if we can advertise a meeting of yours for now....

"Sovereign Britain Action Group"
Public Meeting on the Single Currency

Yeovil, Westlands Sports Centre
Westbourne Close
Monday, 16 November 1998, 7:30 pm

Speakers include:
Julian Lewis MP for New Forest East
Lord Tebbit of Chingford former Cabinet Minister
Rodney Atkinson writer and broadcaster
Bernard Connolly author, 'The Rotten Heart of Europe'

Admission free. Details from John Williams Tel: 01935-817999

For details of the video:

"Eurosceptic Debate on the Single Currency:
Conservative and Labour Perspectives"

Old Theatre, LSE, Houghton Street, London WC2
Wednesday, 14 October 1998, 8 pm

Dr Martin Holmes QC
Dr Bernie Moss

chaired by Prof. Kathleen Burk, University College

More info from: Bernie Moss

"The European Crisis"

St Catherine's College, Oxford.
Saturday, 31 October 1998, 10.00- 5.00pm

Leading speakers:
Martin Howe QC "The Amsterdam Treaty & the British Judicial System"
Rodney Atkinson "The Russian Crisis"

plus speakers from the continent about Germany's role and ambitions.

Info from:
CUKC, 27 Walpole St, London SW3 4QS
Tel/fax: 0171-730 2800

"European Elections - update & public meeting"

London, Westminster Central Hall
Saturday, 31 October 1998, pm

Leading speakers include:
Robert McCartney QC MP for North Down
Bill Jamieson Sunday Telegraph

plus UKIP speakers, incl.Michael Holmes & Nigel Farage

Details from UKIP Tel: 0171-434 4559

"Nottinghamshire Save the Pound Campaign"
Campaign Meeting

Saturday, 31 October 1998, 7:30 pm

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