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 What's New from 2003...

An important trend was revealed by the YouGov poll (Telegraph, 15.5.03). Only 54% now think that joining the Euro 'sooner or later' is inevitable; 41% say it's not (+13%).

Compare this with the 80%-17% figure in December 1998 (+63%) and 69%-28% in 1999 (+41%) - and remember that these figures were high because voters felt that the Government would find some way of pushing us in.

Although it is too early to relax, the growing 'No' figure shows voters might be more open to persuasion on the broader issue of making our own way in the world and less fatalistic! The Chancellor's recent announcement on staying out of the Euro may help.

Between February-June 2003, the EU's Convention on the Future of Europe unveiled draft documents proposing an EU Constitution - for a federal state with virtually unlimited power over national Constitutions.

Supposedly there for clarity, it leaves many questions unanswered. The lack of response by the Foreign Office must be seen as significant.

There are severe implications for defence, North Sea oil, general control of our economy and possibly tax harmonisation.

The European Parliament see it as applying to civil and commercial contracts, financial services, and all justice matters (ref: PE314.676). Watch out for developments between now and the 2004 Inter-Governmental Conference, as a lot can happen. Britain may have to choose between this Constitution or a clean break (and free trade) with the EU.

Danger ahead: Find out what the Constitution holds for you
We review the first drafts and comment on updates plus the referendum issue.

1st January 2003 marks the thirtieth anniversary of Britain joining the EEC. It is certainly not a celebration.

With world tariffs coming down since 1960, it was not essential to join the EEC, which is now set to achieve the planned evolution into a federal state with its own Constitution.

The Institute of Directors has estimated membership costs in the region of 15-25Bn a year (that's twenty new hospitals.) However the main cost has been to our democracy.

Our fishing industry faces extinction and our fundamental freedoms are threatened due to "EU legislation" taking precedence. (This is all on a very suspect legal footing).

It is time to reflect on the alternative - a clean break and a fair trading relationship which other countries have readily achieved.

30 years of membership reviewed.
And a viable alternative explained.

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