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News services

EUObserver - Eurosceptic News
from across the continent. Updated daily.

EUreferendum blogspot
Goldmine of info from Dr Richard North

A complete and independent digest about British Politics

OpenEurope - daily news digest and more
A bit optimistic on EU reform, though.

EUpolitix - EU News


Daily Referendum - have your say!

More in-depth features

UK '20Bn better off outside the EU'
Civitas report, 2004 - file also available as PDF

Better Off Out campaign

Bruges Group
Old style Tory-leaning ideologically
Some good in-depth features

Democracy Movement
Heirs to the Referendum Party, campaigning against
the EU Constitution and for our civil liberties.

Speak Out campaign
Paul Sykes wants to raise the debate on Europe

CREC - Campaign to
Reject the European Constitution
Readable publication from Graham Wood

Pro Referendum Rally
London demo on 27.10.07.

"I Want A Referendum"

People's 'No' Campaign
N.E. referendum winner Neil Herron
organises against EU Constitution

The Freedom Association.
Revived campaigning group, active on
ID cards and contemporary issues.

NO2ID - Stop
ID cards and the database state
National campaign. No to (EU inspired)
ID cards and the Population Register

Renew For Freedom - a related campaign
How you stand a chance of getting up to 10 years
of freedom from the Population Register ('NIR')

The June Press
Sellers of some invaluable works on the EU
Publishers of Eurofacts (fortnightly)

David Delaney's excellent compendium of how
the EU affects various sectors, e.g. agriculture & fisheries,
employment, pollution, etc. In depth but very readable

Freedom in Jeopardy: The Case Against the EU and Supranationalism
Essay from Mr D Andrews. Full of content & references

Rodney Atkinson's 'Free Nations' site

The British Declaration of Independence
Testing politicians' loyalty to their oath

UKIP - United Kingdom Independence Party,
Saying 'No to the EU' in European elections, 10 MEPs

Veritas - aka "Kilroy Was Here?"

One London - ex UKIP
Has representatives on London Assembly

Gerard Batten, UKIP MEP for London
Security and defence spokesman. Good pamphlet on ID cards.

Congress For Democracy
An all-party forum preparing for a possible Euro referendum.

Magna Carta Society research from 2000
Website off-air, but worth studying retrieved pages

Support the 'Metric Martyrs'
Fighting for your freedom

British Weights and Measures Association
(Original site -

British Weights and Measures Association
(Second site -

CIB-EuroFAQ: Frequestly Asked Questions, or
'Everything you wanted to know about the EU but were afraid to ask'.
Practical and useful for the active campaigner.

Good in-depth feature on Corpus Juris and
EU proposals threatening our legal system.
With thanks to Torquil Dick-Erikson

British Association for Monetary Reform:
the practical way to manage the nation's currency

Save Parliament - campaigning against the
'Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill', which might both
fast-track EU directives and enable ministerial diktat.

Constitutional Reform: An alternative to rule from Europe

Sovereignty magazine: promoting alternatives.
Strong on Scottish & agricultural issues.

Credence: promoting alternatives.
Analysis of food, agricultural, medical issues.

Global Britain: showing that Britain has a viable
economic future outside the EU.

Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIB)
Cross party group, interesting speeches and articles

Cllr. Chris Cooke's website. Independent comment on the EU.

Voters' Revolt - a 'unique non-partisan grass roots movement'.

Adieu EPP - Tories wanting a divorce from the federalists.

Official sources

UK Government;;
- redeveloped portal with site map.

NB The Cabinet Office announced on 18.10.99 that the
Government would be getting staff in all departments to
integrate "the EU dimension" into policy making

UK Parliament official website.
Information on MPs, Lords, debates, legislation

EU - for European Commission etc.
- NB old-style: URLs
are now of type:

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and a listing does not by itself mean approval of contents or the publisher

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