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The Daily Mail (25.6.98) revealed that Tony Blair had ordered a 7 million advertising blitz to urge Britain to love the single currency, disregarding the fact that, like the Poll Tax, the more people learn about it, the more they're put off. Presumably they believe that his popularity and our money will swing public opinion in its favour. The story also reported that "Mr.Blair has effectively started the Yes campaign early so the 7 million will not count as part of the amount the Yes camp will be allowed to spend when the campaign gets going for real."

The Times (8.7.98) reported that "The Government has asked leading advertising agencies .... how best to promote the Euro...The Treasury agreed...was planning an advertising blitz before the introduction of the Euro...budget is believed to be about 10 million."

National newspapers (17.7.98) carried full page adverts from the Central Office of information warning of the Euro's January launch. The Sun commented that "Information is fine. But this has a ring of propaganda. Campaign slogan: Get ready for the Euro. Hidden agenda: It's inevitable so why fight it. Start of subtle Government to make those who oppose the Euro feel they're the odd ones out."*

It also printed an exclusive story that "Treasury experts are secretly planning a campaign to persuade top firms to use Euros rather than Pounds, dreaming up ways to convince bosses to pay taxes and do accounts in the new currency.Ministers believe that once industry starts using the Euro workers will warm to it. Details of the scheme emerged on the eve of a 7 million publicity drive to get businesses ready." *

We can now see where the 7 million's being spent!


The European Commission and other organisations put out massive amounts of mind bending propaganda to whitewash the EU.

The EU admits spending some 200 million a year on propaganda ("information"). For instance, EU grants are given on condition that their source is well-publicised, the EU pays 5% of the costs of TV shows with a Euro-friendly plot, and "influential" people are paid to give pro-EU lectures (an Austrian Minister was forced to resign for this). All this, of course, is paid for by the taxpayer.

Michael Pinto-Duchinsky, in "The Times" (8.7.98) reported that "Pro-Europe politicians are sustained by major sources of funds, much of it[sic] from abroad. Former Conservative MP Hugh Dykes, now a Liberal Democrat [peer ] received funds for so many foreign trips in his capacity as an office-holder of the European Movement that he received special permission [not] to list them individually in the Register of Members' Interests.

The London offices of the Konrad Adenauer and Friedrich Ebert Foundation[s] receive about 1 million each from the German Foreign Ministry to spend on mostly pro-European political projects in Britain.The European Parliament [makes] grants to MEPs and the British sections of European political party organisations.


The Federal Trust for Education and Research actually enjoys charity status - and thus an indirect subsidy from the taxpayer. This is despite the fact that the Charity Commission's own pamphlet "What is a Charity?" states clearly that "no organisation can be charitable is formed for the purpose of pursuing political or propagandist activities."

Any reading of Federal Trust Papers(its publications) should prove to any unbiased reader that the FT does exactly that; Lord Jenkins, in his foreword to one of them, admits that "All of those participating are broadly 'pro-European'" The same paper states categorically that "We see no bright future for the British.people unless they engage fully in the economics, culture and politics of Europe. Accordingly, we want the UK government to play a full part in all aspects of European integration and to accept that there will be implications for the way we conduct our own affairs at home....

Their Website, reviewed on 16 April 1997, advertised that the FT "works...towards the widening and deepening of the EU, as well as to enhance the European policy of the UK." - If that isn't a political objective, I don't know what is!!

In addition, the Federal Trust and European Movement (EM), private organisations which benefit from taxpayers' and EU funds, put out huge amounts of glossy propaganda. The EM's Single Currency Information Centre's leaflet "The European Single Currency - what does it mean for me?" makes sweeping claims on interest rates, inflation, trade, living standards and Britain's place in Europe."

Why not find the truth for yourself? Click for full expose of Single Currency myths

European Movement's pamphlet of the same name ends by claiming that the EM was founded by Churchill [he did indeed speak in favour of a United Europe - but one without Britain being a member!]

"Britain's success in recent years at attracting inward investment would be put at risk if we did not join(p.6). Joining the single currency, Britain will actually have more control over its economic policy (p.8). Nobody wants a centralised Europe(p.14)".

A different view is taken by leading Japanese businesswoman Haruko Fukuda and the view of Honda UK is: "business as usual whether we're in or out." In recent times the Pound has risen in value as it is seen as a "safe haven" from the EMU experiment.

The second is a downright lie as key policies (e.g. interest rates) will be for the European Central Bank to decide, and a British government would be banned from trying to influence it. On other issues we would have one vote among many and are treaty bound to run our economy for the benefit of 'Europe' as a whole.

As for a centralised Europe, the small print of the EU Treaties (acquis communautaire) holds that once power is transferred to 'Community level' it cannot be given back to member states. Another weasel word, 'subsidiarity' confirms national powers are only preserved in areas where the EU has not grabbed power.

And in reply to the third, Edward Heath has admitted that a United States of Europe was in his mind when he took us in. German leader Helmut Kohl said in 1996 that "we will make the process of European integration irreversible." David Martin, a former Vice-President of the European Parliament and a former leader of Labour MEPs and has admitted that "A socialist superstate is exactly what we want to create" .


European Movement's free paper The Globe (May 1998) claims that "In 1996, 58 per cent of our exports went to the EU.

[For some reason they ignore vital invisible exports of services, etc - latest figures show that the percentage around the halfway mark, and even that is swelled by goods in transit to elsewhere through the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Much of our trade with 'Europe' is to do with our geographical nearness, as in previous centuries, some 70%+ of trade was with 'Europe'.]

".....Britain receives over 1 billion a year from common EU funds. [They neglect to mention that we must pay billions more to them!, and to get "grants", recipients have to display placards advertising the EU's generosity(sic). Some of our own money is even loaned back to us at interest.]

The 1993 agreement to free up world trade - in which the EU nations negotiated as one - is saving every British household 500 over ten years". [The CAP costs every British household around double that every year. Under 'Maastricht', we were forced to undergo collective negotiations and Britain had to contribute to a fund to compensate the USA and other non-EU countries for the tariff barriers RAISED when Austria, Finland & Sweden joined the EU]

The European Commission itself has set up European Union Public Information Points in libraries (146 in 1996), European Documentation Centres in (then) 40 Universities, Eurodesks offering information to teachers, lecturers and youth workers in London, Edinburgh and Swansea, a video distribution centre (Relay Europe), and a Euro Unit Network to "support practitioners in eduation and training to deliver the European Curriculum."

A few examples of the kind of information they provide:

"the [CAP] is a victim of its own success ("Europe in Ten Points" by Pascal Fontaine,1995, p.20). [In keeping food prices up and cheap food out, not to mention damaging the environment?]....

"Outside the EU, UK farmers would not receive export subsidies" [Except perhaps from a British government no longer having to subsidise the EU?]....

"..the European Court of Justice has no power to overturn decisions of British Courts" (from "Europe at a Glance: How the UK benefits from being in the European Union"(1997) - published by the European Commission office in the UK).

They somehow neglect to mention that under the 1972 European Communities Act British courts are legally obliged to pass judgments in line with European Court's rulings. Therefore it is highly unlikely that the European Court will seek to subvert itself!!!.

"Once the Euro comes in, employment in Europe can only stand to gain" * -from "Seven Key Days in the Making of Europe"-European Commission,1997. [Haven't unemployment, taxes and business failures risen across the continent in the process of preparing for it? Never mind, there must be plenty of gains for insolvency practitioners!]

It's most obliging of the EU to make all this information available to us as it shows how weak their case is. There is, however, another viewpoint which should be given a hearing - the truth - and the case for an independent Britain.

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[key: * = abridged without loss of meaning]

- About the author: Mark Taha is a freelance researcher into British and European history and politics. A National Committee member of CIB, he is writing in a personal capacity.

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