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Why the EU is Bad for Business...

The articles below reveal the extent that the EU affects British business with unnecessary rules, regulations and costs. The Euro threatens the stability of our economy - most of our businesses work in Sterling, and our international trade tends to be US Dollar-sensitive.

But don't just take our word for it - British business organisations have also published findings that shock.
British Chambers of Commerce Burdens Barometer

Of the costs inflicted to May 2002, 10.75Bn was due to the Data Protection and Working Time Directives alone.
The Institute of Directors assessed the total cost of EU membership in 2000 in its policy paper "EU membership - What's The Bottom Line?" (PDF)

Draw your own conclusions...
The Institute of Directors looked at the effect of joining the Euro on the UK economy in "The UK and Euroland - Ships passing in the night" (PDF)

and our articles...

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