In ballpark figures, the government takes about £50 billion a year from motorists and spends only a fraction of that - £8 billion - on us.

Even enthusiasts for ‘green taxes’ have to admit that motorists are taxed through the nose – over five times the going rate for carbon.

With family budgets under pressure, ABD is running an AXE THE TAX campaign, in which we will be exposing the unfair tax burden and calling for a fairer tax regime:

ABD calls for current and future governments to:

·        Axe the fuel duty escalator, frozen by Gordon Brown after the protests in 2000, but reintroduced in 2008.

·        Axe stealth taxes like road tolls and the levy on motor insurance.

·        Axe plans to promote road pricing and the ‘Workplace Parking Levy’.

·        Instead, tackle the considerable waste in public spending and invest more in road transport.


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